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Vag2Vag is an online queer sexual health campaign seeking to raise awareness about sexual health of vagina-owners having sex with other vagina-owners (VSV).

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After participating in the 2021 Daughter’s of the Vote program organized by Equal Voice, three delegates are launching the Vag2Vag: Queer Women’s Sexual Health Awareness Campaign to spotlight queer BIPOC women’s sexual health. Through our partnership with the QSAW network, we will raise awareness about testing for bacterial vaginosis, STI’s, and overall attention to sexual well-being. Participate in our campaign by sharing our content widely and tuning into our virtual fireside chats.

This campaign was initiated by three former delegates of Equal Voice’s 2021 Daughters of the Vote program, Victoria Barclay, Alyy Patel, and Dolkar Lobsang.

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